Casa Grande's neon sign park shines bright

CASA GRANDE, AZ (AZ HIGHWAYS TV) --It was a vision, that has become reality. Casa Grande's Neon Sign Park is now live and in vibrant, living color. The signs are all from Casa Grande except for the Dairy Queen sign. That's from Holbrook, on Route 66. Marge Jantz is the chair person of the Casa Grande historic preservation commission. "Most of the signs are from the early 1950's," Jantz said. "There's so much history in these signs that go back almost 70 years," said Richard Rosales, who serves as the President of the Main Street Board in Casa Grande.

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About CG Main Street

The Neon Sign Park will be operated and maintained by Casa Grande Main Street, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization working on downtown revitalization and historic preservation.

Neon Sign Park Location

408 N. Sacaton St in Casa Grande, AZ